Traditional Window Units

It’s no secret that most of us have had an AC window unit installed to one of our homes before. The window units are one of the cheapest and fastest ways to cool down a room. But there are many more benefits that would come with an installation of a new duct or ductless mini split system. 

Traditional window units are very loud, most of the time very noisy, and no matter how much money is spent on them, they just include louder motors. A window AC actually has the possibility of lack of security in your home. One of the scariest things most people worry about is the possibility of home invasion, and if your AC unit is on a ground floor, it’s actually quite easy for a burglary to happen. Window AC’s are large units that take up most of the window, which leads to a lack of natural lighting in your home. Quite frankly, window units are very unattractive, and a huge eye sore on the inside and outside of your home.

Mini Split Advantages

Now there are differences between duct and ductless mini splits, but both pose advantages compared to the traditional AC unit. A mini split system will be more expensive to install and require a trained technician, whether it will include ducts or be ductless. But, there is a saying “good things are worth the wait”. Mini split systems will cool more rooms than just one, be very quiet, and will not have any windows open so there are no outside threats. 

Energy Savings

A mini split system can save your home up to 30% in energy costs compared to a regular air conditioning window unit. A traditional window unit needs to generate its own cool air, a mini split system transfers the air. Using this technique, the mini splits are more energy efficient and more aesthetically pleasing than those large window AC units.