The Northeastern United States is a beautiful region of the world but it sure does present a variety of challenging weather to contend with. We experience outages throughout the year that can last minutes, hours or sometimes days. Living without lights, water, refrigeration and heat is a major inconvenience New Englanders face regularly and often times it compromises the safety of the people who are left without power for long periods of time.

Fortunately, modern technology has brought forth a variety of reliable and affordable backup generator systems for homes and businesses of all sizes. Field Electric offers them all, from the smallest portable generators available to large Standby units that will start automatically during an outage. Field Electric is a servicing and selling dealer for Generac, GE and Briggs & Stratton. We also provide and install other manufacturers for those seeking other products. We will consult with you about your electrical needs and evaluate your existing electrical system to best recommend a generator system that will not only accommodate your needs but your budget as well. We also offer After Installation services to maintain and keep your generator running strong for years to come. Click on a link below for brand specific information or call us for a free quote on a system for your home or business.

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